Saturday, June 23, 2012


Although I'm not even working at present, I still love Saturday sleep-ins. After a particularly committed effort this morning, it was eventually time to get up and make the day happen.

Revived by a glass of orange juice and a shower we walked to the local shops for food supplies. For a nice change there was nothing to get from the supermarket, so we only needed to visit the deli and the fruit and veggie shop. We lingered at the Conti deli for a pot of tea and a cup of coffee - the first time I've ever joined the throng of local families having breakfast, lunch or coffee rather than just ducking in to grab some bread, cheese, dip or other delicacies.

Lunch (by this stage it was far too late for breakfast) finally happened at around 1.30 and consisted of beer, tomato and cheese pie, and sweetcorn. Then it was time to watch the beautiful Siobhan Owen sing the Welsh national anthem before the start of the Australia-Wales rugby match.

For some reason the new PTV original app (a very welcome and long overdue reinstatement of the old Metlink app, with new timetable information) failed to find the local tram stop, so it was out with the trusty TramTracker, then off to Richmond to collect the car.

The car was required to travel to Ormond to collect a standard lamp which had been on order for about a month. It was raining in Ormond but cleared up by the time we got back to Camberwell.

Assembling the lamp took some time and required vacuuming the floor afterwards, to remove all the bits of foam packing that had escaped. Then we made some dinner (spiced basmati rice with green beans and a lovely pear, parmesan and rocket salad) and settled down in front of the fire.

We watched a few episodes of Black Books before I finally remembered it was time to do the blog for today. And now it is bed time.

This is a picture of a beautiful old tree in Riversdale Park which we pass on the way to the shops.


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