Thursday, June 28, 2012

Discovery night #2

Tonight's discovery dinner was at Shintaro in the Middle Camberwell shopping strip. Although this restaurant has been around for many years and I have walked past it countless times on the way to the shops, I've never been there before.

It is situated in the former State Bank building (does anybody remember the State Bank, formerly known as the State Savings Bank of Victoria?). This makes it a very solid and secure location with a lofty ceiling which allows for some creative decoration.

A couple of us detoured to Safeway for some sparkling wine and Asahi, then retraced our steps to the restaurant where food selection was well under way. We left the choice of dishes to Mr 30, who excelled himself with a selection of wakame sarada (seaweed salad); tempura; tofu karai (tofu and vegetables with a spicy sauce); fukuoka buta (braised pork and vegetables with a light sauce) and the special jungle king prawns with a home-made sweet chilli sauce.

The wonderful thing about this unassuming neighbourhood restaurant (apart from the food) is the beautiful service and atmosphere.

We had a very special night and rounded it off in front of the fire and the footy show at home with our dear friends and family.

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