Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blogging with Blogsy

Until now I've been blogging on the iPad with Safari, or turning to the ancient iMac if I felt I really had to insert a photo, assuming I could actually be bothered going into the study and turning on the computer. (This is why not many of my blog posts have pictures). The whole process is rather painful, particularly as I find that the only way to get proper formatting is to code the html manually (and my html coding is not exactly at the advanced stage).

After checking the reviews today I finally decided to pay the money and try out Blogsy. I am finding it bafflingly simple to use. What on earth was I thinking, battling with html code and actually getting up out of my chair to add photos to blog posts? I don't normally subscribe to the idea of promoting commercial products, but this app could change my life. Now all I need is a 'while you're up' app.

The armchair
Just to prove that inserting photos is now so easy, here is a picture of the chair. Yes I did have to leave it momentarily to take the photo ...


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