Friday, June 1, 2012

Only in Geelong

On the first day of June we drove to Geelong in the late afternoon, arriving in Clare Street after dark. After a quick check in to the apartment, we walked to Lingy's Edge bar on the waterfront. The Geelong premiership captain (also known as the mayor of Geelong) was not in attendance but we enjoyed a few drinks and 'tapas' (nachos, gyoza, stuffed mushrooms with beetroot relish and risotto balls with pumpkin sauce).

Next stop was Costa Hall at Deakin University, named after the former Geelong president and benefactor Frank Costa. We had front row seats for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performance of Mozart's Jupiter symphony and Holst's The Planets. In the scrum around the bar at half time we spotted a man wearing his Geelong member's scarf. Only in Geelong ...

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