Friday, April 8, 2011


It must be nearly a year since I got my iPad, and now I wouldn't leave home without it. At the Libraries after the iPad and Top technology trends seminar at the State Library of Victoria yesterday I discovered that now the iPad2 is here, there is a scheme for donating your iPad1 to the poor people. Well sorry poor people, but I'm not ready to give it away just yet.

I find it so useful for work that I've given up taking pen and paper to meetings. Just throw any necessary documents into dropbox, take notes in Simplenote and everything's there on the web to refer to from anywhere.

I've dowmloaded some free e-books, purchased a few from Amazon and iTunes and tried out various different readers. The main worry is working out which book is where, and remembering what I've got - I obviously need to get a cataloguing system! I've also borrowed a few e-books from Melbourne Library Service via Overdrive. This was terribly convoluted to start with, but the Overdrive iPad app makes all the difference. Once it's set up it's a breeze. The main problem is that the content is fairly limited, but I'm sure that will change over time.