Thursday, October 4, 2012

Discovery XIV

On Tuesday 25 September two discoverers set out for Swan Street by tram. They were joined by discoverer #3 near Burnley Street. Our destination: Mexicali Rose.

As with many of our discoveries to date, Mexicali Rose had already been discovered. A birthday party for discoverer #4 was held here many years ago. The distinctive butterfly gates are still just around the corner, although Rod Quantock's bus tour has not survived. The food here, although maybe not really authentic Mexican cuisine, is still much better than at many alternatives. And you can book and you don't have to queue.

While waiting for the arrival of discoverer #4 we whiled away the time with a Mexican beer bucket and an 'Apperitzer' consisting of guacamole, sikil pak and black bean dip. Once our company was complete we enjoyed a selection of 'combinaciones' including the vegetarian enchilada espinaca, quesadilla de tinga, mushroom taquito, rice & frijoles. This was a very pleasant selection of tastes and textures.

Mexicali Rose is very professionally run and has to be doing something right to have survived in such a competitive location for so many years. I would recommend it for family groups (and discoverers of course). It would be a great choice for a quick meal before an evening footy game at the 'G - or after the cricket.


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