Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Discovery XIII

Mayhem, mud and Metro were the themes of our trip south to Carnegie for Discovery XIII. 7&7 is just over the road from Carnegie station, making it potentially very easy for Mr 30 to travel from the city. The rest of us arrived by car, after negotiating the dark and mysterious back streets of Glen Iris and Malvern East and parking conveniently next to a muddy nature strip off Koornang Road.

First surprise was the menu. I had been expecting to sit by and watch everyone indulging in Korean barbecue meats while I nibbled on kimchi, but the menu had lots of vegetarian options. But no sooner had we settled in with a Coopers pale for a serious consideration of the offerings, than a message came through from Mr 30. His train had been waiting at Malvern station for 10 minutes and there was no indication of a departure any time in the near future.

The next pleasant surprise was the arrival of the mystery surprise guest, a former neighbour and now local resident, who informed us that there was a train stuck at Carnegie station. So back to the muddy nature strip I went, for the mercy dash to Malvern.

A surprisingly short time later (after once more parking next to the muddy nature strip - you'd think I'd learn) we were back in the warmth of 7&7, where the others were already tucking into an entrée of seafood and pancakes.

An even shorter time later more dishes arrived. I enjoyed my spicy kimchi, tofu and rice while watching in awe as the others demolished mountains of food, culminating in an extravaganza of meat and vegetables cooked in simmering broth at the table.

Korean soup
After we could eat no more it was time to leave and we emerged from the restaurant to be greeted by traffic chaos in Koornang Road. The boom gates were stuck down and we watched in horrified amazement as some car drivers decided to drive around the gates and across the tracks, rather than turning around as most sensible drivers were doing. Mr 30 and the surprise guest videoed some of the action before it was time to head back down the Princes Highway and Orrong Road en route to Camberwell via the round trip to Richmond.

A train sped through the Grange Road intersection as we passed nearby on Dandenong Road. We could only hope that the Koornang Road level crossing was clear as the train passed through.


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