Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Discovery XVII

Finally, a true discovery close to home. We decided to try Greek Spot, a small and unassuming neighbourhood restaurant in Burwood Road Hawthorn. So unassuming that we must have driven past here a hundred times without ever noticing it.

Water jug at Greek Spot
Greek Spot jug
We drove to Hawthorn in a shower of rain and luckily chanced on a parking spot right outside the restaurant, after bravely executing a right hand turn across a stream of home-bound traffic. Mr 30 and Mr 28 arrived soon afterwards. Mythos beer and a jug of iced water set the scene for a quickly served and tasty discovery experience.

The vegetarian options on the menu were rather meagre, but a selection of dolmades, baked feta with tomatoes and olives, warm pita bread and Greek salad was delicious. The other discoverers shared a mixed grill of lamb chops, lamb skewers, lamb bits, chicken, bifteck, onion and chips to go with the delicious Greek salad of shredded green lettuce with very finely chopped tomato and onion.

One baklava, some more Mythos and a couple of coffees later we were out the door after our early dinner and into the gloomy Hawthorn evening. By this time the little restaurant was absolutely packed.

Obviously we are not the only ones to have discovered this very pleasant little spot.


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