Monday, October 15, 2012

Discovery XV

Discovery XV (aka as the great schism) was held in two separate cities. The northern reformation relocated to Canberra while the southern branch continued operations as normal in Melbourne.

It was agreed that the Melbourne branch would organise the Canberra event, while the northern breakaway would coordinate the Melbourne group. So before we left for Canberra we booked a table for two in the name of Boris at Kanzaman in Bridge Road Richmond.

While we were lunching in the sunshine at the Ivy café by the lake at ANU, the text message came through from down south. Dinner for four at Sub-urban by Belluci's, Dickson, 7.30 pm.

Picture of magpie on chair at the Ivy café
Lunch companion
After managing to salvage our lunch from the local wildlife we went for a stroll around the Acton peninsula and then visited the National Museum.

The 'loop' at the National Museum, Canberra
National Museum
Sub-urban proved to be a pub tucked away in a corner of the Dickson shops. The restaurant section adjoins the bar. On a Tuesday night things are pretty quiet in the bar but the restaurant was reasonably packed with family groups.

Strangely the beer on tap was Carlton Draught rather than one of the NSW brands I would have expected, but it came in a schooner just to prove that we were no longer in Victoria. Meanwhile the others ordered a Bourke Street pinot, which is a local brew from nearby Collector. Go figure.

Carlton Draught beer and Bourke Street pinot noir
Bourke Street
If I see stuffed zucchini flowers on a menu I have to have them. I've tried making them and have come to the conclusion that this is one dish better left to the experts. Belucci's version was quite pleasant - although not quite achieving the crispy ethereal standards of some others I've tried, definitely much better than could be easily made at home. With them I chose a side dish of verde, which was quite excellent - lightly cooked asparagus, bok choy and beans in a light dressing of garlic infused olive oil.

Stuffed zucchini flowers
Zucchini flowers
Dessert was a very pretty crème brûlée with pear crumble.

Crème brûlée
Crème brûlée
We discovered later that the Melbourne branch had indulged in the Kanzaman banquet. Perhaps something worth a future ecumenical discovery.


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