Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 4: The green shoes

Today I decided it was time to think about fulfilling one of my new year resolutions: to take a break from work around lunchtime each day.

Thus at 12.30 I walked up Gurners Lane and New Chancery Lane to the Queen and Bourke tram stop and before too long was trundled up to the Paris end of town. I like this end of town for three reasons: having gone to school in East Melbourne I'm very familiar with it; several years at Casselden Place made it even more familiar; and it boasts both the Cricketers Bar and one of the few op shops in central Melbourne.

Pausing just for a few moments to step into Mitty's newsagency (one of the few newsagencies in central Melbourne that supplies the Geelong Addy), I made my way to the Salvos op shop. $11.95 later, I was the proud owner of two Belgian cushion covers and a pair of green shoes.
The green shoes

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