Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 5: Meetings

Another beautiful sunny day in Melbourne. Another early arrival at work. A meeting with IT involving a high level analysis of reporting requirements, Bengal kittens, rhubarb and Z39.50 logging. My first ever minutes with pictures (the new way of capturing whiteboard scribbles without resorting to those old fashioned paper printouts).

Then followed a flurry of activity on Yammer which some of the staff have recently appropriated as a communications platform. After a quiet introduction it is starting to take off. In our experience to date the desktop app only tells part of the story - you have to use the web version to experience all the features.

My second meeting of the day was held over Skype with the agenda in a shared Evernote file. One day I might work out how to get the numbering and formatting right, but meanwhile the Evernote html editor presents some challenges. Skype is a reasonable substitute for meeting in person with remote staff members but there is nothing quite like real face to face contact.

At the end of the day I crossed over the road to the Sherlock Holmes to fortify myself for the trip up Collins Street to the grand Reader's Feast privileged readers night opening. I was delighted to discover that 3G access is now available in this cosy basement bar, so I was able to while away a happy half hour or so with a pint of Fat Yak and the twitterverse.

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