Tuesday, December 27, 2011

On the second day of Christmas ...

... I cooked zucchini slice. Inspired by my aunty's legendary zucchini slice which is an all time favourite at the traditional Christmas night get-together, and armed with one of the 'smaller' zucchini grown by my cousin (not the same one who gave me the brick), tonight I attempted to recreate the famous dish.

For something so simple there are so many recipes, but one of the best is found in the charming, practical and sustainable book Homemade: the Handmade Help recipe book, which consists of recipes donated by home cooks and well known cooks such as Greg Malouf. This book is the brainchild of my former colleague Beverley Laing and others who gathered the recipes and distributed the book as a gift to the Victorian communities affected by the bushfires of 2009. Funds raised from sales of the book are donated to the Salvation Army.

I hope the contributor of the zucchini slice recipe in this book does not object to my leaving out the bacon. Even my aunty never cooks zucchini slice with bacon anymore. Instead she serves a small dish of finely diced bacon sprinkles alongside for those who must, and vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike are happy.

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