Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 3: Rhubarb

After a refreshing glass of rhubarb juice and a pot of Russian Caravan tea, I walked to the station earlier than usual this morning. This proved to be both a good and bad decision - bad because I had to stand all the way to Richmond, but good because there was a Flinders St train on platform 7 which meant I could avoid the trip around the loop and the long walk from Flagstaff station.

Even better, I met Christian at the Degraves St barrier when his myki failed to scan and he held up a line of impatient commuters - but finally he was through and we walked to Collins St together chatting away about javascript, xsl and a replacement for the new books program - some of my favourite conversation topics at the moment. We also discussed where and when to have my going-on-leave drinks next week, with some support for The Elms, for old times sake, but probably for expediency we will go with The Mitre.

Work was a mixture of meetings and dealing with unexpected things from left field (a pretty normal day really). I really need to set aside some clear time to work on a project proposal before the end of this week.

I also had company on the walk home as I met my neighbour at East Camberwell.

When I got home Michael made me a rhubarb juice cocktail. Now I feel ready to face the evening.

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