Saturday, September 1, 2012

Discovery IX

Fiorelli in Hawthorn East is the scene for Discovery IX. An elegant Italian restaurant with classic Italian food. A very convenient location just a step away from Camberwell junction and across the road from the Rivoli. A table so far away from the door that we feel not a trace of the winter chills and breezes. Attentive waiters and Little Creatures pale ale. A Toolangi pinot noir.

Our food choices are: veal medallions with mushrooms, snow peas and roasted potatoes; gnocchi with olives, tomato and basil; blue eye with potato pureƩ and spinach; and duck with polenta and spinach. Beautifully cooked and presented.

For those of you who can read Flash websites, here is the link to Fiorelli's website. Alternatively, here are the Urbanspoon reviews.

Picture of the interior of Fiorelli
We had no particular demands on our time and enjoyed a leisurely meal, but if you are planning to see a movie at the Rivoli, you could do much worse than try Fiorelli. It was a great treat to sample such an elegant spot in our discovery tour of local restaurants. If the rules of discovery allow (perhaps when we get to the end of all the discoverable restaurants in Boroondara?) we'll be back.


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