Monday, August 20, 2012

Discovery VII

Discovery VII, doubling as Olympic Discovery II, was also held in Camberwell. The main dish consisted of roast beef with gravy, Yorkshire puddings, peas, roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions, and leeks with cheese sauce. Buying the beef from Camberwell market was a nerve wracking experience for a committed vegetarian (does Scotch fillet really cost that much?) but I managed to survive the ordeal.

Olympic roast

After the shopping expedition, the afternoon was spent quietly washing leeks, shelling peas and laying the table. Luckily I wasn't expected to cook the beef. This task was accomplished by an absolute expert who also produced some magnificent gravy. At a late stage of the afternoon I realised I'd forgotten to buy hot English mustard, so I concocted a passable replica by grinding up mustard seeds and mixing them with lemon juice, salt and a little cayenne.

Mr 27 decided to make trifle. After checking out the options on the internet, he disappeared to the supermarket and returned shortly afterwards with cake, cream, sherry, toasted almonds, strawberries and custard. One crystal bowl and a very short time later a magnificent trifle was cooling in the fridge.

Sadly Ms 30's illness prevented her from discovering this memorable feast and watching an associated feast of sailing, gymnastics, table tennis and yet more equestrian.

Some of the company rounded off the evening with a nice cup of Tetley's and a cup of Bovril. I stayed with Coopers. Coopers is not strictly an English beer, but the Adelaide brewery was established by a Yorkshireman, so that's good enough for me.


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