Monday, August 20, 2012

Discovery VI

Olympic mania set in for Discovery VI, or Olympic Discovery Dinner I, held in the first week of the London Olympics. Local restaurants were abandoned in favour of a lounge room somewhere in Camberwell, so we could enjoy the best of British food and drink while watching our chosen Olympic sports in comfort by the fire.

Coronation tray of Pimms
Equestrian eventing was the sport of choice while we ate a wonderful dinner of pie, peas and chips, followed by English lollies. An unexpected discovery was the resurrection of the electric frypan, which had been languishing at the bottom of the pantry for many years. It was called into emergency service to crisp up the chips while the pies were heating in the oven (note to visitors - multiply Celsius temperatures by two to convert to Fahrenheit). It did such a good job that it took over the roasting of the vegetables for Olympic Discovery Dinner II.

Drinks were a choice of Pimms, assorted British beers, gin and tonic or Earl Grey tea, served on a 1953 souvenir coronation tray.

The regular discovery group was augmented by two special cousins, who provided the main course, fabulous company and a perfect choice of food.


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