Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On the eleventh day of Christmas ...

... I discovered that not everybody likes turnips. I also discovered how difficult it is to type on the iPad with one finger swathed in band-aids.

I follow the New York Times dining section on Twitter and enjoy the recipes and restaurant reviews. I've only ever been to New York once and that for only a few short days, but like many visitors to that city I feel that I belong. If you happen to be in New York during the next few weeks, I recommend you visit the Greatest Grid exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York. And on no account should you miss dropping in to my second favourite bar of all time, Dublin House.

But back to the turnips. One of the perils of following a recipe stream from the northern hemisphere is that the seasons are back to front. So when I saw a recipe for Frittata with turnips and olives I thought that the concept might be a bit wintery for a Melbourne summer. But luckily the weather turned overnight and ushered in a cool and pleasant day.

After a brief painful interlude with the food processor (necessitating swathing one minor finger in band-aids) the turnips were grated and mixed with the eggs, garlic, parsley and olives. Mr 27 then walked through the kitchen and observed that he could smell cabbage. "No," I said. "Turnips." He then disappeared.

The frittata turned out OK and looked and tasted quite nice, despite a random comment from my BFF: "Turnips! Enough said."

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