Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Bloomsbury tragic

Yes, I'll admit it. I wrote my honours thesis on Virginia Woolf. I own the complete set of her letters and diaries, the Quentin Bell biography and numerous other books by and about the members of the Bloomsbury Group. I even have the beautiful portrait of Virginia by George Charles Beresford hanging on my bedroom wall.

Yesterday I randomly typed my usual keyword search into an American university library catalogue in the course of investigating the change of its discovery service from Voyager to WorldCat local. I serendipitously discovered this wonderful book about Charleston, the home of Virginia's sister Vanessa Bell and her fellow artist and sometime lover Duncan Grant. And even better, it was available in my local library, albeit it at a far-flung branch.

At my command it was soon wending its way to my favourite branch ready for collection this evening. Thanks to OCLC, Libraries Australia and Boroondara Libraries for their collaborative services that made this discovery possible - fairdinkum unbelievable!

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