Saturday, May 23, 2009

Leaving the game early

I've only ever left three Geelong games early. The first one didn't count - it was a pre-season grand final in which we were getting belted at half time by Carlton. Just a trumped up practice game, right?

The second was against North Melbourne at Kardinia Park, where the rain was so heavy and the game so bad that we thought it was OK to leave at half time. We had to detour via Lara as the Melbourne road was under water. If we had left it any later we would have had to detour via Bacchus Marsh.

The third was last night's game against the Bulldogs. I left before quarter time and missed one of the most thrilling contests ever between these two competitive sides. I only found out about the thrilling last few moments on arriving at the Barleycorn some hours later, after several journeys by train, tram and bus. At least I was in good time for the fabulous One Inch Left performance.

By the time I got to the Barleycorn I was energised and refreshed by a long hot shower, a change of clothes and a Little Creatures. I do hope that the girl sitting behind me who left shortly before I did has recovered from her sudden illness.

The coach has blamed Cam Mooney for the near defeat - but I blame myself for forgetting to transfer his badges to my new scarf and for leaving early. My humble apologies to the cats.

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