Thursday, April 24, 2014

Discovery XLIV

This discovery happened a long time ago. It turned out to be the last discovery for many months, and as my usual process is to rustle up the previous discovery's review just before starting on the next one, this has lain idle for a very long time.

Despite the long time interval I still have some fond memories of this night. Firstly I broke all the rules by driving to Moonee Ponds. However I did this well before peak hour had a chance to get nasty. I found a nice parking spot in a handy side street half way between the Ascot Vale Hotel and Samanee Thai.

I settled into the tram stop bar of the Ascot Vale and put the word out that a pre-dinner drink was on offer. Sadly not everyone got the message in time, so while Mr 31 happily got off the train at Moonee Ponds to collect his Guinness in a jar, the city worker had to backtrack after her long tram ride, and Mr 29 waited it out alone at the restaurant. This experience has taught me that it is not necessarily a good idea to change the rendezvous plans at the last minute.

Samanee Thai was very quiet and moodily atmospheric. I can recommend it for its beautiful food, presentation and service. This is a picture of a fish curry served in a coconut shell.

Samanee Thai
Samanee Thai

After dinner we made a quick trip across the road to The Sporting Globe, which is not a defunct pink newspaper but a sports bar. On a quiet weekday night it was very quiet indeed and we had an enormous choice of sports events on the big screens to keep us entertained while we had another beer or two.

Leaving the boys to continue their sporting experience, we found the car and drove home through the dark quiet streets of the inner north west to the even darker and quieter streets of the inner east, not realising that this would be our last discovery for a long time to come.


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