Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Discovery XXIV

Discovery XXIV proved to be our last for the year, with Christmas and New Year usurping the final two Tuesdays of the month.

The Carringbush Hotel in Abbotsford was the destination of choice. I arrived hot and thirsty after a little bit of circling to find a parking spot. Driving to discovery is not my usual or preferred mode of travel, but seemed easier than chancing a possible connection between the tram and the 246 bus.

The hotel was cool and welcoming and I found two discoverers already seated in the quiet bistro area, which is nicely appointed with white tablecloths. A trip to the bar to check out the drink offerings was also rewarding, as among all the Collingwood paraphernalia was a photograph of Gary Ablett senior taking one of his fabulous marks. I already loved this place.

An attentive waiter attended to the table service and I was soon tucking into a pint of Fat Yak. Mr 30 arrived soon afterwards.

The menu is fairly small but has some more interesting food than the usual pub fare. Although there is a parma on the menu, it is disguised with an obscure title.

Our choices were the fish of the day (gummy shark); Madras beef curry; grilled ocean trout with tahini; and semolina gnocchi. This is the gnocchi. The semolina cakes were very soft and delicate, draped with a lovely pile of slivered asparagus, witloof and other greens. The richness of the gnocchi was nicely balanced with all the green stuff.

Semolina gnocchi
Semolina gnocchi
The other dishes were also nicely presented. This is the curry.

Madras beef curry
Madras beef curry
And the ocean trout.

Ocean trout
Ocean trout
The serving was so efficient and the food so delicious that soon we were ready to leave, after a final trip to the bar to pay tribute to Gary Ablett. The boys set off on foot as we drove home through the quiet back streets of Abbotsford, past the famous brewery, then over the river and through the cutting into the city of Boroondara.

I wonder what Discovery 2013 will bring?


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