Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Discovery night #4

It was my turn to choose a venue for discovery night 4, so I booked a table for three at Afghan Village, a little restaurant on Burke Road hill, on the Hawthorn side. The advantage of being on this side of Burke Road is that restaurants can be licensed without having to go through the rigmarole of polling local residents, which is the case for those establishments wishing to serve liquor in the dreaded dry zone which starts on the other side of the street.

Picture of light in Afghan Village restaurant
Afghan Village
Mr 30 was already seated at a window table when we arrived. After admiring the beautiful decorations and lighting we settled in to choose our dishes. We opted for one starter and two mains.

Badenjon bourani proved to be a lovely dish of eggplant with a lightly spiced sauce of tomato and yogurt. The meat eaters chose a lamb kebab dish with salad and Afghan nan and I chose cauliflower with rice. The cauliflower was very soft and delicately spiced. The rice was quite lovely, with a long exotic grain.

The servings were quite small so to round off the meal we chose another dish from the starters menu. Ashak - delicate leek pastries dressed in a yogurt and tomato sauce similar to that of the eggplant dish - were the highlight of the meal.

The drinks list is quite small but adequate and you can bring your own wine if you prefer.

I really liked Afghan Village. It qualified as our first true 'discovery' as none of us had been there before, despite its existence in the neighbourhood for over ten years. This is what discovery night is all about. We'll be back.


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