Sunday, August 19, 2012

Discovery V

Discovery #5 signals a change to Roman numerals for the headings of this thread, in honour of our newest family member who has a South Australian background.

For Discovery V we went slightly further afield to Xiao-ting box in Abbotsford. Unusually we arrived by taxi, after attending a Rare Book week event at the State Library of Victoria. We did try to do the public transport thing, but a serious shortage of trains stopping at North Richmond saw us abandoning Melbourne Central station in favour of the taxi rank in Elizabeth Street.

Our table for six was conveniently next to the door, which provided ample ventilation from the constant trade of take-away patrons. Access to our BYO drinks (Tsing Tao, Faxe Danish lager and A&W root beer) was via a fridge handily placed near the front counter - we just helped ourselves as required.

Szechuan prawns with whole chillies
Dinner consisted of:

  • Salty spicy tofu
  • Pan fried pork dumplings
  • Pan fried veggie dumplings
  • Szechuan prawns with whole chillies
  • Chinese broccoli with garlic
  • Round beans with pork mince.
My favourites were the salty spicy tofu and the veggie dumplings. Actually as a vegetarian I didn't taste any of the other dishes apart from the broccoli, but apparently the prawns were magnificent.

Afterwards most of us piled into the car for a trip back to Burnley, via a one way street and a possum.


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